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I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Somewhere between my “Good practice”and my first intra league bout something shifted. It wasn’t only a mental shift, but an all around acceptance of where I was and where I could go from there. In my mind there was only one direction: up.

Derby stops were holding me back mentally. Funny to think that stopping was something I had to overcome in order to keep going, but it was my wall. So, I broke it down.

I watched videos and read blogs. I spent a morning scuffing up my kitchen going back and forth, over and over. Mohawk. Transition. Stop. Skate. Mohawk. Transition. Stop. Skate. And then, as things seem to happen, I showed up to a practice later than I had planned and one of my league mates (whom I want to be when I grow up) worked with me and another skater for over an hour beyond regular practice time. N’Gin helped me literally turn the corner on derby stops and encouraged the confidence and resolve I needed to progress.

We worked on many skills that night, but true teamwork and support of a league member was the ultimate takeaway. Since that moment not only had my derby shifted, but my mind did too. I have so much more to learn and do, but instead of fearing defeat I am embracing each step on my journey to become a better player. And all because of the support I’m given constantly by my league members and family, but a special shout out to Lil’ N’ Gin #9…..I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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