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All the skating, fitness, and fun you can handle!

Zombies Vs

Come see Okinawa Roller Derby in the first post-pandemic bout!

Join us Sunday October 23 at the Risner Gym on Kadena AFB. First whistle at 11:30 AM. It's free! Come support your local roller derby.


Okinawa Roller Derby were invited to Kaiserslautern, Germany for a series of bouts June 24-25, 2017 at RGA's 7th Birthday Bash. These were some of the toughest opponents we have played, and we met the challenge as a unified team of 11 skaters. 


Our scores for the weekend were:

Okinawa 191 - 72 Karlsruhe
Okinawa 108 - 130 Kaiserslautern (RGA)

Okinawa 48 - 226 Metz
Okinawa 115 - 170 Stuttgart

We'd like to show our appreciation to RGA for providing us with this fantastic opportunity! It was a first for many of us to play this sport we love in Europe. Roller derby has really expanded across the globe, and our hope is that it only gets bigger!

Tomodachi Derby Tournament: 3/24 - 3/26/2017


Okinawa Roller Derby played against Fairbanks Roller Girls, Devil Dog Derby Dames, Pacific Roller Derby and Tokyo Roller Girls at the Tomodachi Derby Tournament. ORD took a loss to D4 in our first bout on Friday (232-134) after a chaotic second half, but we played hard and refocused on our positive moments of communicative teamwork and positioning to prepare for the weekend. Saturday was an exciting day for close scores, lead changes and last minute power jams! ORD kept the scores tight, but lost to Fairbanks 164 to 170, and Tokyo eked out a win against us in the final jam 127 to 126. Sunday ORD maintained the lead to beat Pacific 172 to 108. The Tomodachi Derby Tournament was loads of fun, and it was great to skate alongside friends both old and new! We had a great time watching the other participating leagues including Men's Roller Derby Japan, the men's team Glenmore Reservoir Dogs of Calgary, Canada, and the women's b-teams: Yokosuka Sushi Rollers, Pan-Asian Spring Rollers, and Women's Roller Derby Japan.

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