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Baby Doll Blog: Good Things Come to Those Who Skate

The first time I laced up my skates after my injury it was like spending time with an old friend. Almost 4 months to the day that I broke my foot I returned for open skate. I was greeted by the same warmth and smiles that were there the very first day I ever showed up nearly 9 months ago. It was like returning to school after summer break, anxious to see your friends and compare schedules.

Little did I know what was in store for me by the time the weekend was over. I’d go from injured player, to regaining confidence, to MST passed, to getting ready to dress for a bout. If you had said this was how it was going to go I’d have called you a liar, and a mean spirited one at that. But this is exactly what happened.

Call it muscle memory, divine intervention, luck…I call it excellent foundational training from a league that remained supportive and involved even when I was injured.

A league that pushes you in the right ways (literally). That encourages you and builds you up, not only as a team member, but ignites something inside of yourself that allows you to reach out of your comfort zone and have confidence in success.

And now I’m officially a player for Okinawa Roller Derby, be it B team status. Only 2 extra laps to knock out to become draft eligible to the Charter team. What's more, I passed the test with two other Fresh Meat Skaters, one who was there during my injury. Such Sweet Success for all of us! Damn it Mom, you were right again. Good things do come to those who wait….errr..skate. ;)

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