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Be Involved!

Roller derby is not just about skating. ORD wishes for everyone to feel fulfilled as a contributing league member from the very start. We offer volunteer opportunities so members can use their individual strengths to help the league and other charities on the island. We always need non-skaters as support staff at our bouts, whether as non-skating officials, bench managers, announcers, videographers, selling merchandise, or even sitting in the stands and talking derby with our fans. The responsibilities of maintaining a non-profit are extensive; add to your professional growth by running for a position on our board of directors. No time? No problem! It doesn't take extra time to ask your favorite local businesses to become sponsors. There is a role for everyone on ORD.

About Us

Okinawa Roller Derby began in August of 2010 as the Kokeshi Roller Dolls. ORD function as a non-profit organization to foster community outreach, further the worldwide roller derby community and to provide an opportunity for friendship, fitness and recreation. By providing a supportive environment in which women can excel, we justify that roller derby can positively impact athletic ability, self-discipline, and character. Our strong spirit and sportswomanship set us apart. Our ever-evolving league is comprised of active duty military, military spouses, and D.o.D. civilian employees. In March 2016, KRD hosted the first ever Japan Open Tournament at the Okinawa Comprehensive Park, which brought four leagues from mainland Japan, and one each from Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, and Copenhagen. In May 2016, five of our top skaters were sponsored by UN Women for participation in a roller derby exposition bout hosted by Beijing Roller Derby in Beijing, China to promote the HeForShe campaign, which seeks to improve gender equality on a global scale. 

Okinawa Roller Derby is paving the way for competitive roller derby in Okinawa, Japan. We offer a WFTDA charter travel team, and are continuously building our home team, Kokeshi Roller Dolls. Our home team is in place to build skills and understand strategies, preparing skaters for travel team level of play. New skaters enter our league through our Fresh Meat program, where they learn the basics of roller skating and Derby 101. 

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