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UN Women: HeForShe


Five of our top skaters were invited by Beijing Roller Derby to play in an exposition bout, which raised awareness for gender equality issues in China. UN Women sponsored the event, and provided training by Miss Tea Maven and Sexy Slaydie of Gotham Roller Girls, and Willverine of the New York Shock Exchange. This was an exciting opportunity, not only to build friendships and increase our skillset, but more importantly, to inspire women of another culture to embrace their strength and freedom. This was an amazing event to be a part of. Wang Meng, the Chinese speed skating four-time gold medalist Olympian, gave a phenomenal speech about her experience being outshined in the Chinese media by the men's team, which had not won gold. The Chinese actor, Zhu Yawen, appealed to men to support women's empowerment. 

HeForShe Roller Derby Invitational



The Sugar Plums squared up against the Candy Pains for the last bout of 2016! This fundraiser bout helped to raise over $600 for the Lady Panthers Basketball Team of Kadena High School, helping them get to their tournaments this year. Photographs by Bryan French.

Hard hits
Scrum Start
Fight for Lead Jammer
Official Review
Generous Crowd!
Jammer gets through
Lining up for the next jam
Special Thanks
Team Photo
Most Valuable Blammers
Final Score
Pie in the Face!



A few photos from our tournament held last March. Thank you, Roadie Photography, for capturing some amazing shots!

RipT.I.D.E. & Rogue Wave
Loveless & Beatherup Scotty
Post Bout Hugs
Rogue Wave & Loveless
Mad Moxxi & BeatherupScotty
RipTIDE & Loveless
Rogue, Psycho Anna Lies, & Riplee
Whipping Willow Jams
Kokeshi & Juneau
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