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We could use your talent as a coach or bench manager. Prior experience with sports is beneficial, but not necessary. If you enjoy learning about strategy and want to be a part of the team without having to put skates on, this is the position for you!
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We are currently recruiting referees and non-skating officials to ensure fairness and safety at our scrimmages and bouts. Referees can learn to skate with us, and we have resources to get you trained. NSOs can be easily trained to time jams, penalties, and keep score. Contact us, and see for more details.


You don't have to be a skater to play a major role on our league. We can't skate without help from volunteer staff. If you'd like to involve yourself in any of the following areas, reach out to us! We need announcers, photographers, medics, and bout staff. If you'd like to pay dues, you can even hold a position on our board of directors. We could use your help! Please let us know at

Aside from becoming an awesome roller derby skater, you will have the opportunity for professional development by volunteering for a planning committee or being elected into a board position. We work hard to give back to the community through fundraisers, donations, and other charitable events while partnering with local organizations, businesses, artists, and charities. We also host monthly social and cultural activities for our members.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! As part of our initiates program, you will receive the training you need to be prepared to play at a home team level. We teach you how to skate, maneuver yourself in a pack, and basic strategies of the game. You won't participate in a scrimmage until you're proven ready, for your safety and the safety of others. Cost is only $20 a month. Minimum Skills Testing is held quarterly. 


Transfering from an old league? Find your place on ORD!

We have a number of seasoned skaters who found an inviting new home with ORD. We will request that you show us your skill set, but as a transfer skater, there is no need to wait for an official tryout date.


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